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EGL Certified Diamonds

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Why JBEDiamonds

Diamond Buyers Located in New York City, NY

We Buy and Sell all kinds of Diamonds and Jewelry.

We Pay Top Dollar For GIA Certified Diamonds And Non Certified Diamonds.

If you are looking to sell your diamonds, jewelry, or watches please visit ouroffice located in the heart of the Diamond District in New York City.

At JBE Diamonds, you can be sure you will be dealing with professional diamond buyers who will always keep your interests first. We know diamonds better than anydiamond jeweler you will find in the market, so you can be sure you’re placing your trust in the best of hands.

You can get estimates and price quotes by email or phone call completely free of charge.

When selling a Diamond Ring, there are a number of things that will determine the price you get

Diamond Quality

The quality of your diamonds, that is the cut, carat weight, shape, fluorescence, clarity and color, will also determine the prices you get. We have the knowledge and expertise to detect these minute qualities in your diamonds and will offer the best prices for quality diamonds.

If your diamonds are certified by a reputable independent lab, such as the GIA, be sure to bring this along for evaluation as this can significantly raise the prices you get for your diamonds.

The design of your ring eternity ring, wedding ring, engagement ring, solitaire, etc, can also impact the price you get. Certain rings are classic and timeless and always popular, such as the engagement ring, and you can get great resale value on these. Our trained experts have an in-depth knowledge of the diamond and jewelry market, and know which rings will go for the most money, which can translate into the best prices for our customers.

Buying and selling diamond jewelry

Based in New York, JBE Diamonds has been buying and selling diamond authentic diamond jewelry pieces since 1975. We deal in high quality, certified diamonds and diamond jewelry. With an aim to combine product quality and efficient service, we buy and sell graded diamonds online. Whether you want to sell your diamond ring or loose diamonds, we promise to offer you reliable and trustworthy services.

Our Reviews

  • J.B.E Diamonds is one of the companies you can trust. I was so happy for the service and the great selection as well as, the competitive prices that make my experiences of buying a diamond something very special. The quality and option they give me was incredible… I can say without a doubt that J.B.E is one of the best option in the market. Thank You J.B.E Diamond.

    Alfred C. Fitts
  • Excellent Custom Service!! I sold my wife’s diamond engagement ring to a man named Eli who was very professional. After shopping around 47th street for the entire day, Eli gave me the highest offer for the ring. Without negotiations, I sold him the ring and he paid me on the spot!! The entire process was very smooth and professional, and I was able to use the money to pay off some old debts. I will definitely do business with Eli again in the future! He was a true professional and gentleman.

    Ron Halfon
  • JBE diamonds has always given us amazing rates and an even better experience. It’s hard to find someone honest and trustworthy in this business, but and Eli and his team really are a diamond in the rough! Thanks for all your amazing help and I look forward to selling and buying from you long into the future.

    Isaac Rudansky

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