About Us

JBE Diamonds Inc. is one of the largest diamond trading companies in the US. We buy and sell diamonds that are certified by the GIA and many other organizations. We do most of our trading online, so you can buy from anywhere in the US at anytime. We have been in the business of buying and selling diamonds, diamond jewelry, and watches since 1975, and are experts in the field.

At JBE Diamonds, we provide you with impeccable service and make it easy for you to sell your diamonds; all you have to do is give us a call or visit our office in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District to get an initial valuation and quote. We are a name you can put your trust in and our years of experience means we will give you realistic prices for your diamonds, engagements rings and other diamond jewelry.

Exceptional quality, unparalleled service!

Our diamond experts have over 50 years of experience, and can evaluate the cut, clarity, weight, color and size of a diamond at a glance. We deal in pure quality, and 90% of our inventory consists of GIA Certified diamonds, a symbol of unmatched quality and finesse.

If you want to sell diamonds or diamond jewelry, we make it extremely easy for you. We are the number 1 premiere diamond buyers in NYC, and we guarantee top dollar for your diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Quality and convenience are at the heart of every deal we make, and our clients not only get a fair price for their diamonds, but also an easy medium for selling their diamonds. Our customer’s satisfaction is at the cornerstone of our enterprise, and we are always available when needed. Quick quotes and responses, fair value for your assets, and quick delivery of payment describe our impeccable services.

An Extensive Inventory of Quality Products

Our websites boasts one of the most extensive collections of the finest quality diamonds, with the clearest, most colorless diamonds in a variety of cuts, shapes and sizes. JBE Diamonds are GIA Certified, which assures the high quality of our products. From diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, and watches, to diamond earrings and engagement rings, we have it all!

Our Customers are Important to Us

Our unmatched quality springs from the care we put in for our customers, and our entire step-by-step buying and selling process has been created to aid our customers to easily sell diamonds at the best possible prices.

You can even fill our evaluation form on our website to get a free initial quote; no need to visit us in person. Once you have received a quote from us within an hour, you can ship your diamonds to us free of charge with the safety and security of free insurance, and you will receive your payment overnight. Yes, it’s that simple!

JBE Diamonds offers the easiest and quickest solutions to sell your diamonds and diamond jewelry, and the best collection if you mean to buy instead. Go through our website to find out how to sell your diamonds or go through our premium range of diamond jewelry and get in touch with us now!