What We Buy – Engagement Rings

Selling an engagement ring can be an emotional thing to do, and is usually a result of a big life event such as a divorce or a breakup, but with the right buyers to help you through the process you can emerge whole on the other side.

Trusted diamond buyers in NYC like JBE Diamonds make sure you get the best prices for your valuable assets at your hour of need. Whether you’re looking to sell engagement rings or sell wedding rings, we can help you free up cash to upgrade the ring or to spend elsewhere.


Get the best possible price for your Engagement Ring

Different cuts and styles of engagement rings have different values, and our experts have the experience and knowledge to give you the best prices for your possessions. We buy Round Diamond Engagement Rings, Princess Cut Diamond engagement rings, Fancy Cut Diamond Engagement Rings, and many more. The most popular cuts are the Round and Princess Cuts, and if you have a good cut-grade to go along with that, you can get a very good re-sale value.

The fluorescence, cut-grade and brilliance, carat, weight, size, clarity and color of your diamond also determine the kind of price you can get on your diamond ring. High fluorescence diamonds are usually lower in value, but this works together with the color of the diamond. Near colorless diamonds are always the most valued, but lightly colored ones can combine with the blue fluorescence of medium fluorescence diamonds to cancel each other out and give a better look. A diamond must also be flawless, or near flawless to be more valuable.

The cut is however the most important component, as a poorly cut diamond will not reflect light as brilliantly and will not have that signature diamond sparkle we all love and value, no matter how clear it is. Carat weight is a more commonly known and important factor used to valuate diamonds.

Our experts have over 50 years of experience, and can easily gauge a diamonds value based on the combination of all these different factors to give you the most accurate prices for your diamond engagement rings. JBE also buys GIA certified diamonds, and if you own a certificate along with your diamond ring, this can help get you a better price for it.

The best way to sell your engagement ring

Why go to just any pawn broker for something so emotionally significant? JBE Diamonds is a trusted name that has been in the diamond business since 1975, and will give you the best service, utmost convenience and security, and professionalism that results in much better prices than any other diamond traders in the market.

Our process is extremely simple; just fill out our online form and get your valuations within an hour via phone or email. You can then send us your engagement rings for a more proper, hands-on evaluation, and once you accept our offer, receive your payment within a day!

Plus, we ensure your precious engagement rings and money are completely secured with free insurance, and our trained staff takes every care when handling your prized possessions. And the best part; your initial evaluation, delivery and insurance are all free of charge!