Sell any kind of watch at JBE Diamonds

Looking for a diamond watch buyer in NYC? At JBE Diamond, we buy all designs and makes of watches, from contemporary designer watches to antique or vintage watches. We buy a variety of brands, from popular ones such as Tiffany & Co., and Cartier, to premium makes such as Rolex and Patek Philippe. From the most basic to the most luxurious, from casual to more formal, bring it to us and we will offer the best prices you can find.

Get the best price for your watch

Different watches are made from different materials, have different mechanisms and adornments, and their value is determined through these factors as much as with a knowledge of the brand name. Many classic designs can have great re-sale value, as they are timeless, and our experts will closely inspect each component of the watch to give you the most accurate and competitive prices. We have unparalleled knowledge of the market, and of designer watches, so when you place your trust in us, you will only get the best.

Sell your watch in 5 easy steps!

JBE Diamonds has streamlined the process of selling your watches and brought it to you over the internet. You can now easily sell your watches with no additional costs to you in the most secure way possible.

Start by filling out our online form with as much information about your timepiece as possible. Click the Free Cash Quote button to get your initial quote for free, which is very close to your final offer. Remember, this will be based on the information you provide, so it must be detailed and accurate to get the best and closest quote. You can also always bring in your watch to our offices in New York and have our experts look it over first hand.

Next, Our JBE experts will quickly go over this information and provide you with a quick price estimation within an hour. You may receive a call for some further information if needed, and then will promptly receive your quote.

You can then schedule an appointment, or ship your item over to us through free FedEx or UPS. Our experts will advise you on how to pack your item and you will also benefit from free insurance to assure your security.

Your watch will then be evaluated and examined by our experts, who will look at all the different aspects that determine its worth, such as brand name, designer, materials used, and inner clockwork and machinery, and give you a final offer based on their valuation.

Once you accept our offer, you will receive your payment promptly, within a day, by cash, cashier’s check, company check or wire transfer. It is as easy as that, so fill out our form now and get the best, most accurate prices for second hand watches you will find on the market!

Sell your branded watches to us

Need to sell a pre-owned branded watch in NYC? Selling old watches has never been easier than with us. Whether you want to sell silver or gold watches, we are always prepared to make an offer on every fine piece. We buy watches online to save your time and energy. Get the most for your watches. You can count on our honest valuation and immediate payment.