What We Buy – Diamond Rings

At JBE Diamonds, you can sell diamond rings in NYC without any hassle or concern. We are strategically placed to provide you with the best possible price for your diamond ring. And there is no better place to sell than one of the top Diamond companies in the US.

Selling your diamond ring can free up some valuable cash that can be invested in another precious stones or metal jewelry or on other luxuries or necessities. It is important to find a diamond rings buyer that will give you the most accurate price for your precious assets, and JBE employs experts to give you the best evaluations and procedures that result in transactions with the maximum value added for you.

We buy all styles of diamond rings

Diamond rings are abundantly available in all types of styles and designs, and at JBE, you don’t need to worry about not being able to sell yours. We buy Engagement rings, Wedding rings, Solitaire rings, multi-stone rings and eternity rings, and any other design you might have in your possession. Certain styles may have more resale value, but JBE diamonds is one of the few companies where you can sell all.

Your diamond ring may also come in various metals, such as gold, silver or platinum and our experts will make sure to include this in your evaluation. You can sell rings of any precious metal at JBE.

You can sell varying qualities of diamond rings

If you are worried your diamonds are of low quality, you need not fret; JBE Diamonds of any color-grade, cut,clarity, carat weight, fluorescence, and shape.

All these factors will determine the quality of your diamond ring, and the most premium diamonds have excellent cut-grades, low fluorescence, flawless clarity, and are colorless. However, at JBE we don’t discriminate and buy all grades of diamonds.

If you have a certificate from an independent lab such as GIA or AGSL, this will result in a more accurate valuation and better prices, but you can still sell your diamond rings if you do not possess a certified diamond ring. At JBE, you have the convenience to sell any kind of diamond ring with just a click!

Sell your diamond ring through a streamlined process

One of the best ways to sell your diamond rings today is online, and JBE Diamonds is one of the few trustworthy experts providing you with this convenient service. This is a safe and quick way to sell your diamond jewelry; just fill our form to get a quick initial quote free of charge.

You can send us your diamond ring via free FedEx delivery to get a detailed evaluation, or even visit our offices in the diamond district of Manhattan. Our valuations are based of 50 years of experience, and take into account the metals your diamond are set into, and on in-depth diamond market knowledge, so that you get completely accurate quotes for your diamond rings.

Once an agreement is reached, you will promptly receive your payment through your preferred medium, cash or credit transfer, and you can rest assured that all deliveries come with free insurance to ensure the security and safety of your assets.