How a Diamond’s Cut Shapes its Price

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As opposed to shape, which is more about the closeness of a diamond to a 2D shape out there, a diamond’s cut quality is defined as the dimensions that enhance and add to its brilliance. The more accurately it’s cut to bring that out, the more it’ll make up for and even exceed the loss in carats.

Two Diamond-Studded Bands, with A Princess-Cut Stone on One of Them

Let’s look at the following loose diamond cuts available at present.

What Determines Cut-Quality

Three factors determine cut quality. A diamond’s proportions are the angles of a diamond’s facets, meaning how much light they allow to pass through. Its polish is the smoothness and glazing given to it for brilliance. Symmetry, on the other hand, means having a perfectly aligned stone with equal-sized facets.

Types of Diamond Cuts

While shapes are easy to tell apart, cuts are trickier for not conforming to specific dimensions. Even so, you can tell what cut they are from the curves along their edges.

1.      Emerald

An emerald cut is prominent for having rectangular facets. You may find it in different lengths and depths, but its shape and cut allow it to bring `all inclusions into sharp focus.

2.      Pear

A pear is a longish, almost teardrop-like cut that enhances the length of a finger. Like many other long diamonds, it is afflicted with the bow-tie effect, which you might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

3.      Marquise

Yet another long diamond, this is chiseled to appear shield-like and is recommended for large-rock enthusiasts.

4.      Princess

Square-cut diamonds are referred to as princess shapes.

A Pear-Cut Diamond Surrounded by Two Rings of Smaller Diamonds on A Platinum Band

How Cut-Quality Affects Overall Price

A diamond is primarily appraised on its weight. However, that’s not everything.

Here’s how cut matters just as much, if not more so.

·        Rough Material

Rough material actually shaves the price per carat from a diamond. So, when this material is cut, the chances of its price going up are higher than that of it going down.

·        Cutting Labor

Skilled cutters are just as hard to find today as they were a century ago. The more talented a cutter, the more they’ll charge for their time, which will bleed into the diamond’s final price tag.

·        Rarity

There may be a dime a dozen diamonds out there, but not all of them are cut to perfection. The rarity of well-cut diamonds drives up their demands, and therefore, their prices.

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