What to Do with An Engagement Ring After Divorce

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When you’re recently divorced and are trying to get your new life started, you need to stay positive and leave everything that connected you to your ex behind. This includes any gifts that were exchanged, even the engagement ring from your previous relationship.

An engagement ring made of diamond.

A diamond engagement ring is given as a symbol of love that will last forever, and it can hold great sentimental value. However, keeping any unfulfilled dreams and pain aside, you have to do something with the ring rather than just hide it in your dresser.

Here’s what you can do with an engagement ring.

1.    Return It To Your Ex


If your ex paid a significant amount for the engagement ring or if it’s an heirloom, they may pester you about it, so you can return it to them to avoid that. However, generally speaking, whether or not you should keep an engagement ring depends on who breaks it off. If the woman breaks the engagement due to any personal reason, she has to return it back, but the man has no right to ask for it if he breaks it off. If the relationship ended through mutual understanding, then they can decide who gets to keep it.


When you return the ring, you are liberating yourself from all the emotional trauma and any feelings that you have left from your previous relationship.


However, if you keep the ring, you can use it the way you like, give it away, or even sell it. There are endless possibilities.


2.    Repurpose The Diamond


If you want to use the expensive diamond in some way, you can keep it for your children to use for their future partner. You can have it transformed into a diamond pendant or earrings to wear on important occasions without attaching the old relationship to it.

3.    Sell The Diamond Ring


Some women throw their engagement rings out of anger, but there is a much better way to satisfy the rage. You can sell the engagement ring to an online diamond trading company to get a fair price. It is an easy procedure where you only have to fill a form to get the valuation of your ring. This helps you decide if you actually want to sell it. You can ship it to the company free of charge and receive the amount overnight. This can help you treat yourself, go on a vacation, or even start your own business. The money you get for it can help you take control of your life!

A woman wearing engagement ring made of diamond.

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