3 Things to Know as a Jewelry Buyer NY

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There cannot be anything better than buying a GIA certified diamond. GIA, the term that stands form Gemological Institute of America, is a mark of perfection in itself and is an assurance that the 4Cs, i.e. cut, carat, clarity and color, mentioned therein are correct!

But there are many other aspects related to the sensitive decision of buying a diamond or diamond jewelry. Here are three things to know which your diamond seller won’t tell you!

Look for the diamond jeweler with a return policy

Search for the best diamond dealer in your city and you will be flooded with results indicating retailers who sell GIA diamonds. But one thing that would be missing in your results – a return policy!

Even some of the highly professional sellers won’t have such a policy and that is one thing against your right as a jewelry buyer NY!

Instead, look for a seller has a 90-day policy wherein you are also provided a written document stating the amount you will be repaid in case you decide to sell back the diamond within 90 days from the purchase date!

Don’t Prey to Diamonds on Discount Offers

Whenever you come across a lucrative ad as diamonds available on sale with discounts – caution!

Just as gold is never sold under its spot price, you cannot expect to buy a diamond under its liquidation value. So any promotional offer of this sort could be a catch 25, and must be avoided!

Insist on diamond against money not diamond against cut

Using your wisdom, you have all the right to insist on a diamond with most perfect ‘cut’. You know it – a perfectly cut diamonds sparkles more than the one which doesn’t.

But if you are making it a point hoping your retailer to sell GIA diamonds with perfect cut, you are wrong! Cuts in even the most resembling diamonds do vary.

It looks more logical if you insist on a diamond that is great value for your money!

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