A Breakdown of Understanding The Value of Your Watch

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Have you been looking at an old watch thinking it’s time for a change? Well, instead of storing your old watch in a place you’ll forget about, how about selling it and getting some cash out it?

Like fine jewelry, the value of watches also changes with time so you can’t just ask for a price that is around the original.

The price of a watch is based on certain specifications of the watch. Once you have an understanding of these specifications and how they affect the price, you can head over to a trusted buyer and sell your timepiece.

Here are some factors that determine the value of your watch:

The brand

A watch is considered a piece of jewelry so its brand and model are one of the most important determinants of its price. You may not know the inner workings of a watch or the expensive metals it’s made out of, but if it says Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet or any other big brand on its faceplate, you already know that it belongs to a luxury price range.

Most of the luxury brands are well known but if your watch is of a brand that you aren’t familiar with, it still helps to do some quick research to narrow down its price range.


Obviously, even a Rolex with a cracked facing is reduced in price. A well-maintained watch will have a much higher price than one that is broken or worn down. Each dent, scratch and any repairs will reduce the price of the watch.


The age of a watch also matters. Depending on the condition and the mechanics of the watch, some classic luxury timepieces can cost more than some modern watches.

If you have a vintage watch that you’re looking to sell in the future, make sure it’s well looked after – you could get a very good price for it!

Paper & Box

Watches from high-end brands come with papers that list their specifications. These papers can back-up the value of your watch.

JBE Diamonds are trusted experts

When you’ve gathered enough information on the watch and its specifications, you can head over to trusted jeweler for appraisal.

We buy watches from all kinds of brands. New or old, if you want to sell watches in NYC, we would love to buy it from you!

Fill out the online form with your details and our experts will give you an estimate of what your watch costs. If you’re interested in the price, you can drop by at our offices for a detailed evaluation of your watch or send it to us via FedEx or UPS. You can trust us to give you an accurate diamond appraisal in NYC. Contact us for more information.

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