Common Diamond Selling Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Selling a diamond is not an easy task. Since we’re not experienced in selling or buying precious gemstones, it can be easy to make mistakes.

And while it may be that our diamonds are valuable, selling them without educating ourselves can cause us to overlook some aspects of the diamond’s worth.

What exactly are these mistakes? We, at JBE Diamonds, provide you with some useful info.

Common Diamond Selling Mistakes

Asking the Local Jeweler for an Estimate

The problem with asking our local jeweler about the diamond piece is that we may not get unbiased information.

Since the jeweler only sells jewelry and does not buy it, they have no business giving their opinion about your diamonds, and may end up giving you a value that is not only unacceptable, but inaccurate too.

In this situation, your best choice is to go to a source that is experienced in buying diamonds from sellers, such as JBE diamonds.

Trusting Online Sources

Truth is, information online is seldom accurate, especially when it comes to selling something as precious as diamonds. And since you don’t want any misinformation to guide you away from the actual value of your gem, your best bet is to trust authentic jewelry buying websites, instead of individual blogs or Wikipedia.

Do your research. Don’t be taken in by any independent ranking sites, since they are usually marketed in that way so customers are attracted to them.

Accepting an Offer, No Questions Asked

It is simpler to just accept the first offer you receive, especially if the price is more than what you had in mind. But this doesn’t mean you should just jump on the chance without asking questions. Inquire about their personal opinion and ask them how they determined the value. Knowing the specific factors will allow you to determine if they’re legit. Remember; a legitimate buyer will always answer your questions honestly.

Not Researching the Buyer

Is your diamond buyer an individual, or a company? If it’s a company, check their credentials on their website. However, if you’re selling your diamond to an individual buyer, you may need to check their accreditation and level of expertise before you hand over the gem. One can never be too careful, since many diamond sellers often fall victim to scam artists, if they aren’t careful enough.

Ignoring Your Instinct

Is your instinct telling you something? Many a times, we ignore that nagging voice in the back of our head, but in situations where you are selling a valuable diamond, your voice may save you from a suspected buyer. If you feel uneasy during your meeting with a buyer, chances are there is a good reason why your mind won’t rest.

You must always feel comfortable when selling your diamond. With JBE Diamonds, you can be assured that we offer the best of our services to make sure that our customers leave satisfied.

So if you want to sell your diamond to professional diamond buyers in NY, contact us today, and remember; use these tips in the future to keep your precious diamond and finances protected.

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