Diamond Appraisals in NYC

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Have you finally bought that perfect diamond wedding ring that you’ve been searching for? Are you excited to give the ring to your beloved as soon as she walks down the aisle? If yes, then wait! There’s one thing that you must do before you put that ring in your beloved’s finger; get it appraised.

JBE Diamonds appraisal is the best way to ensure your lady keeps smiling forever and doesn’t feel guilty if she accidentally loses the diamond ring or in case it gets stolen. Read on further to learn more about diamond appraisal and its importance.

  • What is a Diamond Appraisal?

High-grade diamonds are quite costly, so it makes sense to keep your investment safe. This is exactly why diamond appraisals are done. An appraisal is a piece of paper that serves as a verification statement highlighting the facts about your diamond. This piece of document is different from a diamond-grading report and made separately.
A diamond appraisal basically documents the key characteristics of the diamond and the ring bought such as shape, cut, color, clarity, measurements, carat weight, purity and styling of a ring. This document is primarily made to establish actual worth of the entire ring including the gem stone and the metal in consideration.

  • Why Get a Diamond Appraisal by JBE diamonds?

A diamond appraisal is largely performed for jewelry insurance purpose. In case the ring gets stolen or lost, you can provide the appraisal document to the insurance company to recover back your investment, helping you cushion from a big financial loss that may occur otherwise.
Besides this, in case the ring is recovered back by the police, you can also use the appraisal as a proof to claim your ring confidently, avoiding the long and stressful process of investigation.

  • Who Should You Go to for Diamond Appraisal NYC

Generally, a diamond appraisal can be obtained from the retailer you purchase the diamond ring from however, if the retailer doesn’t provide you with it, then you can always go to an independent gemologist or diamond appraiser to get it appraised.
However, before you go to any independent diamond appraiser, make sure that the appraiser is GIA certified and conforms to USPAP (Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice). These credentials ensure that the diamond appraiser is trustworthy, and has specialized expertise much needed to enjoy the peace of mind that the appraiser will appraise your diamond ring ethically.

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