How Metal Can Affect the Value of Your Diamond Jewelry

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The metal of your diamond jewelry is probably the most underrated factor of your piece. Shoppers mostly tend to focus more on the sheen of the trinket rather than the material it is set in. However, by ignoring the metal that the diamonds are wrapped in, we often disregard one of the most important components that could affect the price of our piece.

Diamonds are set in various types of metal such as gold and platinum etc. But how do they affect the value of the gorgeous piece of jewelry? For that, JBE Diamonds is here to help.

Effect of Metal Pricing in Diamond Jewelry

·        Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is usually the most used metal for diamonds and is one of the oldest metals forged by nature and fashioned by man.

Because of its color and brightness, yellow gold adds a wonderful aspect of beauty with its durability. This style of gold is usually used with those diamonds that hint a bit of yellow in their shade, although you can choose to use different shades of the gold as well.

Gold is rated by its karat grade—10k, 14k and 18k—in America. The higher the karat grade of the gold, the better it will be.

·        White Gold

White gold is an alloy of pure gold and other white metals such as silver or palladium. Coated with another white metal known as Rhodium, white gold is usually very hard, though the sheen of the Rhodium can wear away with time.

This type of gold is less expensive than yellow gold because of its use of different alloys. However, it is more secure than yellow, and provides a nicer whitish hue than the yellow gold. Along with that, white gold also offers better scratch resistance than normal gold metal.

·        Platinum

Rarer than gold, platinum is considered to be one of the most beautiful metals in the world. Almost always used in its pure form, platinum offers a long life for its wearer and is largely tarnish-resistant as well. Unlike the nickel-plated white gold rings that can give rise to reactions in people, platinum rings are hypoallergenic and resistant to any and all breaks, chips and cracks.

Platinum also has a higher density and strength. When scratched, it will actually separate, rather than chip off, thus making space for the scratch without losing any metal. This is why many people actually opt to have engravings on their platinum rings rather than their gold rings, since that will wear off in some time.

Because of such qualities, platinum rings are three times more expensive than 14 karats of gold.

·        Titanium

Titanium is one of the toughest natural elements in the world. Largely used for aircraft production, the use of titanium has trickled down into the jewelry industry. As a superior metal that never tarnishes, titanium can easily be worn for years without causing any skin reactions.

White in color with a grayish charcoal tinge, titanium is usually made in a band and is inlayed with other metals such as yellow gold, silver and platinum as well.

Because titanium is such a unique metal, it causes a lot of issues for the jeweler themselves, since it needs a lot of hard work to be re-sized, cut and designed.

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