What You Didn’t Know About Your Fancy Cut Diamond

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Fancy cut diamonds shaped into brilliant edges and facets is anything but a standard round-cut diamond. Yet many diamond buyers have little idea what makes a diamond fancy!

These first-time diamond buyers often fall for the unnatural shine and hue of a ‘fancy cut’, believing them to be superior to other diamonds.

Separate the myth from reality on fancy-cut diamonds, in the following:

A Shallower Depth Equals a Better Diamond

This isn’t true; not necessarily. Shallow depths (below 70%) in princess cut diamonds will develop a glassy look. On the other hand, in other fancy cut diamonds, the same amount may produce too much contrast!

Any Bow Tie or Contrast Effect Is Bad

Contrast effects in round cut diamonds are actually preferred and has even earned the nickname Hearts and Arrows. Yet, the general thinking in regards to contrast in ovals, pears, marquise and other fancy cut diamonds isn’t favorable.

What is the bow-tie effect? It’s essentially an effect that is caused by head obstruction—when your head (or another object) blocks the light.

However, the bow-tie area produces the most intense light when there isn’t any obstruction! Diamond buyers don’t realize the importance of contrast, i.e. bow-tie effect when it comes to making a diamond visually appealing to the onlooker. What does this mean? Look for a diamond with an even bow-tie (in the shape of two arrows).

More Facets in the Diamond Make It Better

Diamond buyers mistake more facets with perfect diamond. In actual truth – more facets will make your diamond look like ‘crushed ice’. Some diamond cutters shape their fancy diamonds with more facets because it evenly distributes light and makes the diamond shine brighter!

Unfortunately, in many cases more, smaller facets will act like windows (not mirrors) and ruin the aesthetic appeal of your diamond.

Fancy Cut Diamonds Can’t Be As Bright As Round Brilliants

Yes, most fancy cut diamonds are somewhat less bright as compared to round brilliants.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a princess or cushion cut that doesn’t boast as much brilliance as round cut diamonds. Patented as well as idea cut princesses are examples of brilliant and dazzling fancy cut diamonds.

Exact Cut Grade Can Be Told From the GIA Certificate

First time diamond buyers falsely believe the final grade (of diamond’s cut) is ascertained by the following factors typically listed on the GIA certificate:

  • Symmetry
  • Table %
  • Polish
  • Girdle
  • Length to Width Ratio

In actuality, there are a lot more factors that are considered when setting grade of the diamond. Additionally, not all lab grading reports are reliable which makes it even more important for diamond buyers to have a comparison chart.

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