Best Tips on Selling Your Diamond Ring

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Are you thinking of buying a new diamond jewelry? Is the diamond ring that you already have look old fashioned and dull as compared to the new one that you’re in love with? Don’t have the budget to buy the new diamond piece right away? Worried what if someone else buy’s it first before you do? If so, then why don’t you sell your old ring to get a new one? Sounds like a plan?
Well, if you’re up for selling your old diamond ring, then read on as we share with you some of the best selling tips.

  • Get Your Old Diamond Assesses and Appraised

First things first, go to a qualified and reliable appraiser to get your old diamond assessed and appraised. This is much needed to find out the actual worth of the diamond piece that you already have in your hand. Besides this, after knowing the actual worth of this ring you can easily determine whether selling it will be worth it or you’ll still need more money before you can buy that new diamond jewelry that you have your eyes on.

  • Set a Realistic Price- Do the Legwork

Once you get your pre-owned diamond appraised, now it’s time to set a realistic price to prepare your diamond for sale. Set the price according to the prevailing market conditions. Do pricing search by checking out comparable diamonds in retail and online stores to develop a good understanding of the potential resale-value of your diamond. To avoid the feeling of disappointment and fetch a quick sale you need to price your diamond realistically. Remember that there is a significant difference between a new and pre-owned diamond for sale.

  • Learn About Your Selling Options

Generally, resellers of diamonds have 2 selling options. You can either sell it to a jeweler in the industry or sell it to the public through using an online. If you’re looking for a quick sale, then sell it to a reliable and trusted diamond dealer so that you know that you will get the right resale price. By selling it to a diamond dealer you can easily and safely sell your pre-owned diamond without any hassle or fuss. However, if time is not a factor for you, then you can always try selling it online through public platforms.
Keep these tips in consideration to ensure that you sell your old diamond ring at the right resale price so that you don’t suffer from a loss.

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