Top 3 Diamond Earring Styles that Women Love

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Undoubtedly, diamond earrings give the perfect finishing touch to any dress. Its glittering shine, delicate make and sophisticated look is attention-grabbing, and simply breathtaking. This is exactly why no gift is better or more precious for a woman than a set of beautiful and sparkling diamond earrings.

A set of diamond earrings is a perfect gift to present on any occasion to women of all ages. So, if you’re thinking of what to buy for your beloved, mother, sister, daughter or wife, and wish to see a priceless smile on their face once they open your gift, then consider buying them a pair of this perfect jewelry.

When you go shopping for diamond earrings, you’re likely to be dazzled, not only by its luster but also by the plethora of diamond earring styles. However, to make your pick quick and easy, here are the top 3 diamond earring styles that women love the most:


  • Studs

Intricately cut diamonds in a stud setting add sparkle to the earlobes which is hard to go unnoticed. It is a classic earring style that compliments both a woman in a business suit and formal wear. Among stud style diamond earrings, the martini style stud is quite popular. They have 3 prongs that hold and secure diamonds in the center firmly showing off their brilliance and fire seamlessly. However, if you’re woman loves traditional pieces of jewelry than consider getting her the classic basket style diamond stud earrings. They are round and sophisticated, and look very chic.


  • Dangling

If your lady is fun and upbeat, then dangling style should be your top choice. Dangling diamond earrings look extravagant, hip and absolutely gorgeous. It will make her personality shine through.

Dangling diamond earrings have a unique make and a cascading design. They mostly have a curved shape encrusted with beautiful small diamonds similar to the silhouette of a chandelier. They have a set of diamonds embedded in links that dangle from the earlobe to an inch long and sometimes even to shoulder length. Some dangling diamond earrings feature diamond stones in circle while others have it in square shape.


  • Hoops

This may be a retro style but women simply love it simply because hoops make a great style statement. Diamonds are securely set into a classic hoop-setting that has a unique luster and more importantly add elegance to any outfit.

Diamond hoop earrings look spectacular with formal/evening wears. Some hoop style earrings feature diamonds only in the front-half of the hoop while other have diamonds featured on both inner and outer side.

One word of advice is that always select the style of diamond earrings for your lady according to her personality. She will not only love to receive it but cherish it forever.

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