Exploring Different Shapes of a Diamond

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Did you know that 75 percent of all diamonds sold in the market today are round shaped diamonds? Reputed for its unmatched visual appearance, the round cut provides a diamond excellent light refraction property which helps it reflect practically all light thus maximizing the brilliance and fire of the diamond. This is the sheer reason why round cut diamonds are considered more valuable and preferred more over alternative shapes.

However, if you’re looking to purchase a diamond but you don’t want a traditional cut; like a round shaped diamond, then don’t worry there are plenty of fancy diamond shapes available in the market to suit different styles, taste and budget.

Let’s take a deeper dive and explore the variety of diamond shapes available:

–  Princess Cut Diamond

It is a popular choice of diamond for mounting on engagement rings. It is a square shaped diamond with 90 degree corners. One of the big advantages of princess-cut diamond is that inclusions are not easily visible on it largely because of its unique shape and polishing techniques. Besides this, princess-cut is also one of the most efficiently diamond cut shapes as it utilizes over 60 percent of the stone’s weight. Not only do these princess-cut shaped diamonds shine brightly but they are also significantly lower in cost.

–  Asscher Shaped Diamond

This diamond shape was introduced by Joseph Asscher, a renowned diamond-cutter, hence the name ‘Asscher Cut Diamond’. It’s distinctly cropped and angled corners sets this shape of a diamond apart from other shapes while giving it a timeless and elegant look.

–  Marquise Cut

Featuring a brilliant fifty-eight facets, marquise shaped diamonds shine with unbelievable sparkle and fire. In comparison to other shapes, marquise diamonds look bigger because of their elongated shape even when there is no difference in carat weight. This diamond shape looks stunning in accessories like brooches and necklaces.

–  Pear Cut

Resembling a water droplet, the pear cut diamond exudes class and sophistication. It is pointy from the top and at the bottom it has a perfectly round arch. It is often said to be a cross between marquise and round cut. It elongated shape gives it a slenderizing effect.

Among all other diamond shapes, pear cut is one of the easiest diamond shapes to customize. Narrow pear cut diamonds look graceful in earrings while pear cut diamonds with greater width look spectacular on engagement rings.


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