So Your Wedding Didn’t Work Out… What Now?

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Having a hard time accepting the breakup of your marriage? Can’t believe your fiancée called off the engagement? Yes, it’s hard to accept the end of any relationship that we invest in so much, emotionally. It’s time to move on… but what to do with the priciest memento of your relationship?

Take a Step Forward By Selling Your Engagement Ring

A man promises undying love and affection when he proposes with a diamond engagement ring. It makes sense to get rid of this heart wrenching memento ASAP, at the sudden death of your relationship. Here is a guide that will help you get the right price AND list down the best place to sell your ring:

How to Get the Right Price for Your Diamond Ring     

Generally speaking, selling diamonds is much trickier than selling gold. Why? This incredibly precious metal has no quantifiable value. Precious metal buyers also show bias when buying diamond engagement rings, which is why having the item appraised by an unbiased professional is your first step.

Don’t Go Directly To the Seller

Visiting the seller directly (from whom you purchased the engagement ring originally from) won’t help as the seller will beat down on the price. The same goes for going to a different seller. So, what can you do? Have your diamond properly appraised as this will highlight the exact value and worth of the engagement ring. A proper diamond appraisal will also increase probability of getting a buyer ready to pay the full value of your diamond.

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What Are The Best Places To Sell Your Diamond Ring?

Currently, there are numerous options for people trying to sell their diamond rings. In fact, the market has changed in the seller’s favor.

There was a time when precious metal buyers refused to buy diamond rings. This was primarily because diamond rings were generally sold (to the buyer) at exorbitant price ranges. Extremely low markups were offered in return when it came to sell the diamond ring.

Selling diamonds has seen an incredible upturn in recent years, especially on online retail platforms. JBE Diamonds Inc. offers highly competitive prices for diamond rings, whether we are buying or selling.

While any reputable online diamond buyer WILL offer the best price for your diamond ring, it’s still a good idea to get an appraisal before showing the diamond off to potential buyers.

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