The Best Way To Sell Your Diamond Jewelry In NYC Is…

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It is assumed that individuals have trouble selling their loose diamonds and jewelry at a good, fair price. Additionally the question of reputable arises, even if sellers DO find a Diamond buyer.

Just How to Sell a Diamond for the Most Cash

Look no further than JBE Diamonds Inc. for all your diamond selling woes. It doesn’t even matter if you have old diamond jewelry or a loose diamond on hand. Remember to have your diamonds evaluated and appraised though, as this will guarantee a good price.

The following helpful guide is for sellers looking to get a good offer on their diamonds. It’s important to:

Understand the Market Value of Your Diamond

Your grandma’s diamond engagement ring may have been worth a lot at THAT time, but not anymore. Inflation, market fluctuations and popularity of certain diamonds more than others may cause severe value depreciation over the years.

So, before you head out and list your diamond for bidding, remember to get an accurate or a near accurate evaluation. This will uncover the diamond’s current quality and value in the market.

Set a Realistic Price for Your Diamond

Expecting that you will get the originally purchased value of your previously owned diamonds at the time of selling is setting yourself up for disappointment. There is an incredible difference in resale and retail value, which should be considered when placing the final price for your diamond.

One way to set realistic price goals is to have your diamond appraised by JBE Diamonds Inc. before heading towards the buyer’s market. We also buy loose diamonds and jewelry, among other items.

Do You Want The Cash Right Away?

Selling a loose diamond or diamond jewelry without any help is a complicated process, to say the least. A lot of time will be spent filtering through offers to find reliable and realistic one, from reputable buyers.

Additionally, you may want the cash fast. You won’t find any buyers who will be ready to pay cash up front. JBE Diamonds Inc. has a 3 step cash quote process.

Potential sellers can contact us through phone or come in directly, have their diamond inspected to find the best possible price and be paid in cash right at that moment. How easy is that? Have your diamond appraised by our highly qualified appraisers today!

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